New Music Video Release: “Palao’an” by Sweet Tyme, Pete “Badu” Magofna, and Phenom

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This is the third music video we shot in Guahan featuring Sweet Tyme (Jun Vascones), Pete “Badu” Magofna, and Phenom ( Josh Jones) with a song called “Palao’an” which means girl in the Chamorro language. A remake from the “Oh Girl” classic, Sweet Tyme renders his version with a break up and make up lyrics, Badu throws in a rap in the Chamorro language while Guahan artist Phenom spits out  his memorable hip hop style. Recorded by Nick Leon Guerrero of LG Pro and shot at the Paseo park, Santa Fe resort, Tumon, and Alupang Cove. Models include Jen Hernandez, Megan Blas, and Jasmine Winslow. Thanks also to Ben Magalahi Lizama for his contribution on the saxophone. This video was never released in Guahan but now uploaded to our You Tube channel. Produced and directed by AJ Baldevia for Media Masters production.


Marianas Musicians Association-Guahan/CNMI-(MMA)

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We just started the Marianas Musicians Association on Facebook. A place where artists can post their band information, meet other musicians, search for band members, sell and buy equipment, announce performances, address issues affecting our industry, and share information that would benefit the needs of music artists. Join and take part in improving the Marianas music business. Guahan and the CNMI must unite to form a solid coalition of music professionals to better and protect the interest of the industry. “Like” us on Facebook and get added as a member. Post your interest, sell your old guitar, meet an awesome singer, get a new producer, talk about what makes a better recording, whatever turns your musical madness into gear. See you there! Click the link on the sidebar. Aj Baldevia, CNMI 2011 (MMA)

Guahan’s KenJoe Ada Concert July 31, 2011 Santa Fe Resort

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Guahan singer/songwriter Kenjoe Ada will be performing this Sunday July 31, 2011 to help release his debut album called “7am in Heaven” . In the style of rock with an acoustic flavor, Kenjoe lets his songwriting skills come to life with songs that comes from inspired experiences. Somewhat a spiritual search with an edge. Be on the look out for more in the future as Kenjoe explores his true musical calling. I met Kenjoe on January, 2008 and I knew that he had the talent to make great songs. We recorded his first yet to be released song “Cartoon Love”, an acoustic tinged ballad with catchy hooks that tells  the story of a girl who still watches cartoons. Get ready world Kenjoe is here! Aj Baldevia, Saipan, CNMI 2011.

UPDATE! The event was a great success with over 3,000 people showing up. KenJoe gave out 1,000 CD’s as a promo for his first album. The skies were a bit wet early in the morning but the Sunday clouds opened up and let the sun in later in the afternoon. Congrats KJ for an awesome CD release party!

ManAntes-Music Video-Striving to protect the indigenous rights of the Chamorro people.

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Rarely does a group focus on a subject that has a far-reaching impact and are not afraid to express what they believe in. ManAntes took their music to the next level by taking on an issue that affects the future of Guahan. Guahan history tells the story of struggle in the form of colonialism and the efforts of a people to preserve what is left for the benefit of their children. Led by John Torres, former Saipan’s Split Attitude guitarist ManAntes blends pop, rock and heavy metal to create “Kahulo Chamorro” which tranlate to “Rise Up Chamorros”. Encouraging the people to be not be afraid and stand up for what is right in preserving the Guahan culture.

LG PRO New Music Video-“Midnight Riders

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This is a video we shot in Guahan in July of 2010 to help launch our music video program called iMV or Island Music Videos. Stars some of Guahan’s most talented artists. Beat recorded by Nick Leon Guerrero, vocals by Lil’ D, Frankie Free and John C. Shot at the Globe in Tumon, and Orchid Hotel.


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Hafa Adai and Tirow! These are music videos we created for our artists living in the Marianas and Micronesia. We’ve blended the cool tropical environment with the diverse musical influences of the people who work, live and play in our island paradise. The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands is comprised of three islands: Saipan being the largest then Tinian and Rota. We have the most beautiful white sandy beaches in the world, crystal clear waters, a divers paradise, and a diverse blend of different cultures from around the world. We welcome you to the Mariana Islands and the experience of its music. Enjoy them and share with us your input.


  Larson Silas-Palau        Jerry Alcantara- Philippines

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These are compilation videos that MMV created between 2004-2006. Our first show aired on MCV Cable TV on May 8, 2004. Aside from some of our more established acts, most of these artists are fresh and new and  have never been exposed before nor performed in public. It was a challenge working with them and to watch them grow as artists and as people made this endeavor a worthwhile goal.