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Guahan’s KenJoe Ada Concert July 31, 2011 Santa Fe Resort

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Guahan singer/songwriter Kenjoe Ada will be performing this Sunday July 31, 2011 to help release his debut album called “7am in Heaven” . In the style of rock with an acoustic flavor, Kenjoe lets his songwriting skills come to life with songs that comes from inspired experiences. Somewhat a spiritual search with an edge. Be on the look out for more in the future as Kenjoe explores his true musical calling. I met Kenjoe on January, 2008 and I knew that he had the talent to make great songs. We recorded his first yet to be released song “Cartoon Love”, an acoustic tinged ballad with catchy hooks that tellsĀ  the story of a girl who still watches cartoons. Get ready world Kenjoe is here! Aj Baldevia, Saipan, CNMI 2011.

UPDATE! The event was a great success with over 3,000 people showing up. KenJoe gave out 1,000 CD’s as a promo for his first album. The skies were a bit wet early in the morning but the Sunday clouds opened up and let the sun in later in the afternoon. Congrats KJ for an awesome CD release party!