In Pursuit Of A Musical Dream by AJ Baldevia

Posted in Music on December 2, 2007 by mmvcnmi670

Thanks for stopping by in our little space in blogworld. Marianas Music Videos was a concept I started about over ten years ago while living on the island of Guam. As a musician,  I felt there was never really an outlet where local artist could express themselves. Music videos came out in my time in the 80’s with MTV as the leader in this new technology in promoting music. I simply perpetuated that idea to create a venue for artists to partake on how music videos enhanced the way people enjoyed music. My background in broadcasting and as a musician just added to the fuel in making this endeavor become a reality. On August 22,  2002,  I left Guam and my real estate job to accept  a position in Saipan to run and operate a radio station. It was an opportunity to start my dream of pursuing my craft as full time musician and media producer. The real estate money was great but my passion for my art was eating away at my innermost feelings. I felt it was time to make a change or else the opportunity would not ever come again. After my contract ended with the radio station, I knew I wanted to start playing music again and learn more about video editing. I’ve spent time in Guam as a video producer writing for commercials and documentaries but not really as an editor. In those days video toasters and switchers were the main tools. But thank God for non-linear digital editing as it emerged slowly to what it is today. This allowed me to now harness the power that was before only limited to those who took the tedious time to learn the craft. Non-linear or computer based editing was now in full gear. I spent the majority of the time learning Adobe Premiere Pro as my main video editing software as well  as  Adobe Audition for all my audio recording and mixing.

Adobe Premeire           adobe_audition_s3.jpg

  Adobe Premiere Pro                  Adobe Audition

 Both applications have proven to be very effecient and user-friendly. I would dedicate almost 10 hours a day in the beginning just to understand the protocols on how to use the software. It was not easy but a challenge which I took seriously. Though the complexity of the softwares did not deter me from solving and answering my questions but gave me the tenacity to understanding the nature of audio and video. Leaning on my experience as a broadcaster and musician,  gave me the native ability to instinctively solve the problems I encountered.

My business partner Frank Pangelinan at the time, as we were on the verge of launching MMV, got a call from a good friend of his by the name of Ed Camacho. Ed loved our idea and invested into our project. He and his wife Sheryl joined as partners and we created a new company called Marianas Multimedia Inc. We moved into a 1500 square foot office and loaded it with high tech audio and video equipment. I was ecsstatic! Now  I thought to myself; I could really run with this! We launched MMV with a video I produced with a local rock band called “Split Attitude”. It was a song they recorded earlier entitled “Pak Pak Paki”. Before all this began, I borrowed a small hand held camcorder from Irvin, the band’s lead singer, where only half of the viewscreen was visible. So you could tell this was not an easy way to start, but it was a start. I just needed a spark to ignite the fire.


The band and I attended the Tinian Fiesta in April 2004 and I shot the video despite the half viewscreen. I was able to capture a decent amount of footage which was good enough for a first edit.  I brought back the footage to Saipan and started working on it in my studio. In May, I finally had a finished product. I knew it was not up to par with what I was expecting but it became a foundation of reference for all the videos I would eventually produce for MMV. Marianas Mutimedia launched MMV on August 8, 2004 and was received overwhelmingly by the local community. Soon we had many artists wanting to get involved in making music videos. MMV became an outlet for them to get exposed and a chance to let others know what talents they had to share.  My dream had finally become a reality.


               SAIPAN SUNSET